Thursday, October 15, 2009


We went along to the Young Peoples Theatre this week to watch a production of Pinocchio. It is a small theatre in the middle of Newcastle and the majority of the cast are school aged children. The shows that they put on are so professional. The backdrops, costumes and props are all made by parents involved in the company.

Some of our friends kids are a part of this theatre but not this actual production. We went along together to watch the play and I got more fun from watching the reaction of our kids than anything else. They were on the edge of their seats and the squeals of excitement and gasps of horror all through the play was unbelievable!

They don't allow flash photography during the show as it would distract the kids on stage. I am so naughty, I couldn't resist taking a sneaky picture in the dark on my mobile phone. I hope no-one from YPT reads this blog. I don't want to be the first mum to be put on their audience black list!

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  1. Your phone takes pretty good photos!