Thursday, October 22, 2009

Green bee

Since moving to Australia 4 years ago we have had to learn about a whole new variety of insects and bugs. For the first year we were very cautious about every creepy crawly that we found with more than two legs. Gradually we have got to know the good from the bad but every now and again we are still left a  bit confused.

Last week Rhiannon said there was a green bee in the garden. I was suitably distracted while cooking dinner and murmered something vague like "That's nice dear" She saw it again today. This time it wasn't moving so she had a closer look. So did I ! It truly is a fuzzy bee with an iridescent green shimmer. So far my Australian friends think I'm nuts. They keep telling me it is probably a fly. I know flies can have that blue green shimmer but I think this is a bee. Have you seen anything like it?

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  1. That is the weirdest looking bee I have ever seen....and if it is a fly, even weirder looking!! It kind of creeps me out to tell you the truth....I'm glad we don't have them around here!!

  2. MAN!!! i have lived here for how long now? oh all my life.... and i've never seen a green bee before. You are a great source of info Gina LOL.

  3. Whatever it is ... it looks so sad and sickly. It looks like it has spider legs. Creepy, very creepy for sure!!

  4. Oh, my goodness! I almost dropped my laptop when I first saw this hairy green creature!!! LOL Great find, but rather creepy at the same time. =)

  5. Oh I don't like the look of him but he is definitly green. I wonder what it is? Is it a bee or is it a fly? or what?

  6. WOW! That is actually really beautiful! (and weird looking, too, of course!)

  7. Did you see the size of its nose?

    When I was a teenager, camping on a lake, I took a walk. I saw a fish walk on the sand, see me, and jump back in the water. Nobody believed me.

    Turns out there is a catfish that has legs. I found this nugget of truth 30 years later.

    As if anybody remembers except me.

  8. We used to live by a major construction project. It unearthed some freaky-looking bugs that would end up in our house. Nobody local knew what I was talking about, but wikipedia was really helpful. The scariest one ended up being a common house centipede that people actually keep as pets in Japan. You should check it out.