Monday, October 19, 2009

I wanna be in the book!

Hi. This is Sian!

I am on my last day of school holidays. Back to uniforms and homework tomorrow boo hoo :-(

We have been doing Operation Beautiful notes for a while now. A book publisher has offered to make a book using stories and pictures submitted by people who have posted Operation Beautiful notes around their area. Today is the last day to submit your story.

I spent this morning writing a letter to the website and making a photo collage of me making notes. I wonder if I will be 1 of the lucky people chosen to be in the book?

I hope I am...

 fingers crossed!

By Sian <(*_*)>

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  1. Those notes are BEAUTIFUL~ hope you are chosen!! What a lovely idea! You are beautiful Sian!

  2. Good Luck Sian! I hope you are selected. You ~ and your collage ~ beautiful :)

  3. What a super project Sian! I hope you're chosen for the book but if not don't let the project end - it's a fantastic way to spread happiness. x

  4. Best of Luck Sian, love your hair