Friday, October 30, 2009

Mother of the Year 2009.

I'd like to be nominated as Mother of the Year please.

I think I am the perfect candidate. My children have made it to school age with all four limbs still attached. Their home-cut hair only sticks up at slightly odd angles and can usually be perfected with a hat. I remember to feed them most nights and only rarely loose them.

OK so I lost Gareth last week but I had a good excuse: I had a migraine. It all started when the kids got home from school to find me searching the house for my prescription for migraine tablets. Normally I would have an important piece of paper like this filed away alphabetically but clearly we must have had an intruder this month, that would explain why the house looked like it had been ransacked and why my prescription was in the fruit bowl... I digress. Having retrieved the prescription from underneath a very over ripe bunch of bananas (Mental note to self: Must make upside down banana caramel friands with black spotted bananas... or more likely must remember to throw them in the garbage before they disintegrate into a soggy mess)
I then herded all three kids into the car to drive to local shops.

I allowed Sian and Rhiannon to go into the tiny gift shop to choose a birthday present for a friend while I went into the Pharmacy with Gareth. Having been told that the prescription would take 10minutes to process I then left the Pharmacy and went down the street to find Sian and Rhiannon. They were happily choosing from the great display of Beanie Kid bears. When I asked them where Gareth was they looked at me like I had two heads. "You have him Mum" I have never run so fast in my life.

When I burst through the Pharmacy door I tried to look nonchalant as I scanned around for Gareth. I could tell from the ladies serving that I hadn't got away with it! Gareth was blissfully unaware of being abandoned, he was too busy playing with a basket of toys in the back of the shop. Before long we were all reunited, prescription in one hand, beanie kid bears in the other, all three kids accounted for and no harm done.

And here I will end my speech on why I think I should have your vote. I'm human. I'm sure I can count on you to agree (even if the ladies in the Pharmacy and gift shop have a slightly altered viewpoint!)

Banana caramel friand anyone?

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  1. You got my vote!

  2. HAHAHAHA!!!! That is so funny!!!!
    I think you're a super mom, and I'd totally vote for you!

  3. It has happened to us all in one way or can count on my vote!! :)

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  5. Oh... count on my vote. You found him, didn't you? That's GREAT! Good job! Well done! You should be commended!! It could happen to anyone but just look at the swift action you took! Incredible!! I want some banana caramel friand! Whatever that is! I need the recipe!!

  6. I have self nominated for this award so many times I can't count! Glad I am in good company!!

  7. Absolutely the best Mum!! Love this story, the magic is that you still end up with all children present & correct, and when life serves you black bananas you make friands!! (Secretly I would prefer it if you just sat down with a cuppa got over your migraine & composted the bananas!) Your biggest fan, Cathy

  8. I knew a girl in college who was the oldest of 12 children. Yes, 12. Anyhoo, small town in Southern Utah (to clarify, in case you are up to date on small towns in Southern Utah- not polygamists) which had no grocery store. 45 minute drive to other small but slightly larger town in So. Utah for groceries taking two cars. And home again.

    "Where's Jane?"

    "I thought you had her?"

    "I thought you had her?"

    "The store is closed!"

    Father comes out to find wife and oldest daughter hugging one another and sobbing. Rolls eyes, calls store to verify Jane is there. Clerks are having the time of their life with little 2 year old Jane who has now been on her own for almost an hour. She doesn't care.

    45 minute drive is cut to 22 minutes. Jane retrieved.

    There. Feeling better or more disturbed?

  9. Feeling much better now! Nice to know I'm not the only one!