Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New blog header.

I'm a nurse.

I like taking photos.
Most of the time I love Mr B...

Mr B is a computer programmer.
He lets me take lots of photos.
I would hate to work for him...

Take last night for example. He suggested that we take advantage of our new blog layout by occasionally changing the banner photo. I took a family photo. I edited it. I created a new header banner. He came in the room. He tried to be subtle and suggest a few changes. Subtlety doesn't come naturally to him. One hour later my shiny new banner was deleted, his new perfect one was published. He is such a picky perfectionist.

I think I will stick to being a nurse.
I think I will stick to taking photos.
Hopefully I will manage to stick with Mr B... ♥♥♥

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  1. It looks great... you are all very, very, SCARY!!

  2. Love the blog, although you all look like you've eaten all the halloween candy already...Gina fetch the bucket they've all gone green! BUT...where's the clock Mr B??? I logged on to find out the time in Auz, just to make sure I didn't wake you up if I call, but it's gone!!!
    Did you have a hand in this spooky mystery?? TTFN Cathy

  3. Love the new banner....and the family photo!!

  4. Thanks for such encouraging words on my blog. I appreciate you taking the time to leave a means a lot :)

    You are very talented when it comes to taking photos. Do you scrapbook at all?

    Take Care,
    With love and hope,

  5. Sorry Cathy!
    I thought no one bothered to look at the clock anymore so I chopped it from the new layout! Oops! Just take one hour off your UK time and swap day to night (or night to day!) That should do you for another 6 months until it all changes again...
    No Cheryl,
    I dont scrapbook although I do make my own cards if I can. They are like mini versions of a scrap page with layers of paper, stamping, stick ons, ribbon etc. Whatever falls out of my overflowing craft cupboard. You cant have too much stuff!

  6. added to my rss reader

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