Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Our day started out a bit hectic as we needed to get Byron on an early morning train to Sydney. Cards were exchanged, cup of tea in bed and then back to bedlam!

Lunches for the kids were suitably romantic themed! Heart shaped jam sandwiches with honey and sprinkles on top, passionfruits ($1.30 for an egg shaped fruit with half a teaspoon full of pulp....? Do they think we've won the lottery?!!) and some tropical passion crush drink. Spoiled rotten kids!

While the girls were in school and Gareth was lying on the beanbag drugged up on baby Neurofen (He had a temperature and looked dreadful) I began making a Valentines cake, as ordered by Sian as I dropped her at school earlier! I couldn't find any red food colouring to put in the sponge mixture so I rummaged around the freezer and found some frozen berries. I mixed some through the cake mixture and put some in the icing on top. It looked great and the girls helped to demolish it when they finished their tea. After bundling them into bed Byron and myself had a lovely lamb BBQ with a really great bottle of wine. Of course we couldn't let the last of the cake go to waste so we polished that off too!

Happy Valentines Day across the seas where you are just waking to your cups of tea and cards!
Oh, Did I mention my present......?
It is by far the most unusual gift I have ever recieved! Mindblowing, different, not even something I knew I wanted, in fact it doesn't even properly exist yet!
Keep reading because this one deserves its very own blog!

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