Thursday, August 07, 2008

3 years of blogging...

I just noticed that we first started our blog way back in August 2005.

3 years, 643 posts and over 18,000 hits later and we are still writing about our day to day lives, mostly happy posts and the occasional reality inspired one too. We still think about our blog as being our family photo album. A place to remember good times and maybe let time go by with less posts when life is less than rosy.

We started it out for you. We knew we were getting ready to emigrate and we wanted a way to tell you the smaller details that would get forgotten on the individual phone calls or emails. To be honest we probably have continued it for ourselves. It is a way to look back on family times, almost like a journal but with loads of pictures too.

If you are still reading it then it is working on both levels. We still really enjoy feedback through the comments box at the end of each post. If you are reading this, go ahead, don't be scared, click the box... you know you want to.....!

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