Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sian is tucked up in bed.

Her bags are by the door.

Her clothes are labelled.

Her permission slips are signed.

She is off to camp.


Our precious Sian. 10 years old. Going away for 3 whole days and nights. No phone contact. No Mum to brush her hair in the mornings. No Dad to fluff her pillow up at night. Only one land line to be used in an emergency. Emergency? I have already planned what I need to say when I ring it.

"This is Gina Baynham here, I need to speak to my daughter Sian, It's a family emergency"

"We need to say goodnight to her, tell her we love her, she'll be the girl looking sad and miserable and lonely"

"Yes I can hold"

"What do you mean, you cant find her?"

"How dare you suggest she's not pining for us..."

"...she's off where?"

"Having FUN? "

"There must be some mistake"



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