Monday, August 04, 2008

Slack housewife.

I'm not the worlds greatest housewife and vacuuming and dusting isn't my number one favourite pastime but generally I keep the house just above the point at which social services would remove my kids from me.

With asthma and eczema in the family I have read up a lot about allergies and the negative effect of keeping our kids in a sterile environment where they get no chance to build up natural immunity. Boy oh boy did that article cheer me up as I looked around my messy house!

I did do a little bit of a double take this morning though as I sat down to check my emails. The kids had been playing with a new computer game at the weekend, Spore: Creature Creator. They needed a password to log-in and had agreed on "Monster" Gareth being 5 couldn't remember how to spell it and drove his sisters mad asking them to type it in for him each time he made a new monster. They had finally written it down for him...

... in the dust on the desk!

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