Thursday, August 21, 2008

Book Week.

Every year in the kids school they have "Bookweek"

They celebrate all things bookish and have a dress up as their favourite book characters one day so the parents can come and see them.

Because I had to leave the house at 5.30am for work it was Byron's job to dress them. We had a rehearsal in our bedroom last night where each kid set out their outfit and props and got themselves all dressed up so Byron could see what they were supposed to look like this morning. They then took all the outfits off and laid them back out ready for today.

Sian went as half of ABBA with her good friend Gemma as the other half. They went to see Mamma Mia the movie together and have been hooked on the music ever since. I know that technically ABBA were a band but I'm sure someone wrote a book about them at some point!

Rhiannon went as "Evie the Mist Fairy" and created her own outfit from a random mis match of things from the dress up box.

Gareth was originally going to go as Superman until Sian pointed out the all-in-one-velcro-up-the-back-outfit might create difficulty when Gar needed to use the toilet..?! Good thinking Sian! And so Gar went as a pirate. Again, not sure which book his pirate was based on but there are thousands of pirate books out there and I am sure he looked the perfect replica of one of them!

The photos are very much thanks to Byron who did a marvellous job getting them to school looking so well and still managed to be (barely) on time for his second day in his new job, and also to Monica who emailed me almost 50 photos by the time I was home from work.

I felt bad missing out on Rhiannon's school excursion to the library on Monday but I really missed being a part of today's excitement too. Gareth really brought a lump to my throat when he asked me at tea time why I hadn't come in like the other Mums. Hopefully as time goes by and we get back on our feet financially I can work less hours and be more assertive about not working on days that are special to the kids.

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