Saturday, August 30, 2008

Family fun in sydney

After Cian's party we decided to do a quick visit into the center of Sydney to show Nessa the sights.

We got a ferry into Circular Quay and watched traditional aboriginal Didgeridoo playing.

I never knew that it was an Irishman who named this unusual instrument.

Apparently the word is derived from the Irish term dudaire, which is is pronounced dooderreh or doodjerra and means a pipe smoker, a nosey person or a trumpeter or horn blower. The Gaelic term for black is dubh, pronounced duv or do. In combination, the terms produce doodjerra doo.

That's the end of today's history lesson and now on to other important matters! Coffee!

Next stop was a coffee next to the Opera house and looking out on the Sydney Harbour bridge.

It still surprises me that you can see the two most iconic symbols of Sydney from a cafe with a cappuccino in your hand!


All caffienated up we then climbed the steps up to the Opera house itself and went inside. there was a great buzz of excitement, it was interval time during an opera that was being performed that afternoon. All around there were people dressed up, laughing and sipping champagne.

Byron didn't have to ask Ness and myself twice! How posh!

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