Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Cian!

My gorgeous nephew Cian had his second Birthday party today. We went to Sydney for his party and had a great time. We knew that Cian liked construction toys and so when the birthday invite had a digger and builder on it we should have guessed the theme.

It still didn't stop me getting confused when we arrived to find the frontgate sealed over with Caution tape. I assumed there was some repair being done on the steps. It didn't take long to work out it was just the theme!

And what a theme... Hard hats for everyone, Caution tape everywhere and an amazing construction themed cake.

While we are on the subject of theme, can I say that my brother must be the only person I know who can dress up in a day glo jacket and still be in designer gear!

Our kids had great fun and so did Cian.

Happy Birthday Cian and thanks for inviting us to your party!

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