Saturday, August 16, 2008

Proud Dad

For several months now, the whole family has endured early starts to each Saturday as we take Gareth to play rugby. By early, I mean leaving the house at 8ish, sometimes travelling about 45 mins to the rugby ground. Rhiannon isn't too keen on this, but she amuses herself with her mp3 player and often stays in the car.

Sian is keen to watch, and would love to play.

Gareth? Well, he's just Gareth and is playing because his mates play too. They get better every week, and now I don't have to yell from the sideline anymore if he stops concentrating on the game to admire helicopters, sports cars or somebody else's gum-shield! He doesn't score many tries (well, never), but he gets involved. I joked that the day he scores his first try was the day I'd buy him golden boots!

This weekend was rugby gala weekend, where teams of all ages in the area converge on one sports ground for a marathon of games. Gareth was lined up to play 4 games (7 minutes each). Sian wanted to play so much that I persuaded the under 10's coach to let her play and she was so chuffed - and also the only girl on the team. At one point, I was watching Gareth play, and only had to turn my head around to watch Sian in her game too!

Anyhow, the magic moment happened. The tactics have been sinking into his head each week, and when given the ball he decided to sprint into the gap, rather than jog into the nearest opposition player. He's getting faster and stronger, and with a couple of firm palm-offs, some slinky side-steps and a gracious dive, he scored the first try of the game!

Well, I may have a tainted memory of what exactly happened as I was screaming and jumping around, but you get the gist. The little fella scored, and he looked so happy. Almost as happy as his dad....

The icing on the cake was that Sian was also in a try scoring mood, she was keeping up with Gareth and helping win her games. She is so fast that nobody could catch her.

Unbelievably, Gareth scored THREE tries, and Sian also scored THREE tries.

Apparently, there were murmurs and giggles from the other parents as I swaggered up and down the pitch sideline, with full bragging rights on my rugby superstars.

And Rhiannon? Well, she was more than content to just sit and watch.

Best day ever.

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