Saturday, August 02, 2008

Last Rugby match

It was the last Rugby match of the Under 6 season today and we travelled to Hunter Valley for the finale against the Pokolbin team.

Tommy was there with his Dad, Maree was at another Rugby pitch with Toms brother Harry. You could tell she was missing when it was time to put on Toms rugby boots....

It took Byron, John and Gareth to get him kitted out when Maree would have managed in 10 seconds with one hand behind her back!

The kids have improved dramatically since the beginning of the season and really seem to know what they are doing when they have the ball.

They played really well and although they were beaten by one try in the end I don't think they even asked the score. They had just enjoyed the playing which is the main thing (Someone tell the dads that please!)

They had fun at half time making silly faces with the orange segments!

When the match was finished we wandered over to the shops in the Hunter valley Gardens. We went to the old fashioned sweet shop.
We arrived about 2 minutes before the lady unlocked the shop door and it was so funny to see them lined up looking through the window while they waited.

We grabbed a coffee and watched the kids run around eating their sweets before letting them have a play in the play area for another while. Gareth decided that the most fun thing to do was to climb a tall pole over and over...!
By the time we got them all in the car they had bright red cheeks and had burned off all their excess energy.

It is a shame that the Rugby season is coming to an end. Byron and the kids have really enjoyed it but I am sure that I will enjoy having a lie-in on a Saturday morning from now on!

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