Monday, August 04, 2008

Fresh air

We had a lovely afternoon at Rathmines park yesterday.

The kids cycled, climbed trees and rocks, collected shells from the edge of the lake and generally let off some steam while we sat wrapped up in warm jackets (it was freezing!) and sipped coffee from insulated mugs.

It was one of those lovely bracing days where the sun was shining but if you stood in the shadows you quickly turned blue!

Gareth went dressed as Superman and looked hilarious cycling along with his red satin cape blowing behind him.

At the end of the afternoon he sat down with us a while and had a serious conversation.

"I wish I could be a bird or a turtle"


"Well, if I was a turtle I would have a shell and then I could go inside of it and see what the inside looked like. And if I was a bird then I could fly and then I could know what that felt like too"

Isn't it great to be reminded about what goes on inside a kids head!

As we headed back to the car he did actualy find out what it felt like to fly... right over the handlebars of his bike after he hit an uneven bit of ground. Ouch! It was within sight of the car and was the only time in the entire day he had taken off his bike helmet. We felt like the worst parents in the world as we watched the bump appear on his forehead above the grazed eyebrow...

After lots of cuddles, multiple bandaids and drying up his tears Gareth found the silver lining to the fall. He now had a great show and tell for his class news in the morning...

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