Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anyone for Pizza?

I thought I would tell you about a "Girls night out" I went on last night. It was to celebrate three August birthdays. Annette, Karen and mine.

We booked a table in Warners Bay, Blue Water Pizza. We chose the party platter and had a wonderful meal. Plates and plates of food came out and it was really lovely but when we were about three quarters of the way through there was an AWFUL smell. It seemed to be coming out of the air-con vents in the ceiling above the table. It smelt like a babies nappy, an un-flushed toilet, someone with a stomach upset... I'm sure you get the idea....

We were the only customers left and after 20mins of smelling this stench we started wondering out loud what it was. Up until this time we had all been politely assuming the person next to us had a slight tummy upset and was breaking wind (?!)

When Anne-Marie went to speak to the staff she came back saying the smell was significantly worse downstairs and that the staff behind the bar were mopping up what looked like raw sewage off the floor behind the bar. This was the point that we pushed our plates away and feeling very queasy made our way downstairs leaving un-eaten food and half full glasses of wine behind us.

We felt so sick trying to talk to the manager as he stood in this puddle of brown water that most of us went out the door to breathe in fresh air and a valiant few remained to argue about what on earth was going on while they still had customers eating.

Maree Newton showed us a thing or two about assertive complaining and we said we were not paying for such a dreadful meal in a restaurant that clearly broke all health department regulations.

After standing outside for a few more minutes we decided to go to a local bar, Pippies for a coffee and spent a couple of hours drinking and dancing before calling it a night....

There were many laughs about it afterwards.. (pardon the puns!)-

"What a particularly sh*** night out" "What a bummer" and "Sh** happens"

Somehow I don't think we will be returning there anytime soon. I think I am off the idea of pizza for tea too.......

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