Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rhiannon on TV!

Rhiannon's class went to the local library on a small trip to learn about science earlier this week. I was originally supposed to be one of the parent helpers ferrying kids back and forth in my car but unfortunately it was my first day at my new job and I had to pull out.

I was collected from work later that day by Byron and a car full of very excited kids. Rhiannon was bursting with excitement as she told me all about the day. The library had been great fun with floating eggs, flying, burning tea-bags and even more exciting... TV cameras! The local news was filming the day and it was going to be shown on TV that night!

At 6pm we all sat down in front of the TV and with trusty camera on hand turned to "movie mode" we watched with great excitement as Rhiannon was interviewed!

The image is wobbly and fuzzy but gives you a glimpse of the TV footage. Please ignore the upturned collar, the scruffy hair (I left for work at 6.30am so bear no responsibility!) and instead look at the twinkle in her eyes and the grin on her face!

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