Saturday, April 04, 2009

Boating at Troys.

We had great fun last weekend at our friend Troys house. Everyone turned up in swimmers with Eskys of cold drinks and BBQ food and had fun in the water or just watching from the comfort of a chair on the deck.

The kids were pulled along behind the speedboats, they swam, they ate, they kayaked.

I was exhausted just looking at them so I kept to lifeguard duties from the lake edge.

Byron arrived after us as he had rowed in his kayak from our house. At the end of the day he kayaked home but this time with Gareth on board too. It took him forever! Gareth was like having a big anchor dragging him backwards.

The best part of the day was just seeing the fun that the kids had playing together. Especially as they ran along the jetty over and over jumping off into the cool of the water.

They have such a great life here in Australia and moments like this sum it up for us.

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