Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Making Cookies.

The nice ladies at Muffin Break were running a free "decorate your own cookie" stall today at our local shopping center. Gareth was very suspicious of the friendly, smiley ladies with their tables set out with sheets of baking paper and sprinkles. Rhiannon was happily queuing but Gar said he didn't want to do it. I told him if he queued I would make his cookie for him.

He agreed very reluctantly and with suspicion written all over his face. Funny how that suspicion melted away when he was given his bag of cookie dough and a small cup of smarties, gummi bears and mini marshmallows. No way was he sharing with his mum now! They made their cookies. Stuck as many sweets into the dough as possible and then ate the leftovers. The ladies took their baking sheets away with their names written on them and told us to come back in half and hour when they would be finished baking.
When we went back the cookies were in little brown paper bags with see through windows where the mad colourful cookies could be seen fighting their way out. The cookies didn't last long. They were out of the bags and scoffed in record time by a grinning Rhiannon and a no longer "suspicious? who me?" Gar.

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