Friday, April 03, 2009

Fed up.

I'm fed up today.

Fed up of having no carpets.

Fed up of having no skirting boards.

Fed up of having holes drilled in my kitchen cupboards.

Fed up of waiting for the insurance company to approve a builder to start fixing everything.

Fed up of nasty rusty carpet tacks lining the rooms that the carpets were pulled out of.

Fed up that after two months of jumping over these tacks to avoid ripping our feet open poor Gar "forgot" to jump over them this week. OOUCH!

And so in adrenaline fuelled "fed up"ness I got out the hammer and a screwdriver and tore them up this morning.

I feel a bit less fed up now.

It sure beats the hell out of ironing!

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  1. Oh. I'd better tread carefully this evening.


  2. Yeah, I would to Mum could get fed up again!

  3. Ironing stinks, ripping out tacks is better any day!! I've been through building a new home (in Australia) and remodelling existing (in USA, while living in the house) and they are both challenging - good luck! Kudos to you for taking the tools into your own hands, sometimes that's the only answer to the whole puzzle.