Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter colour.

Sometimes life is a little dull. Like someone took all the colours and threw them out the window. Life is just a palatte of shades of grey.

So you go down the dollar shop and spend a whole $2 on something to brighten up your day. Oh yeah, and a tray of eggs to go with it.

One pin,

One bowl,

Three kids and a few accidents and


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  1. Great idea, and not too expensive. Where did you get the colourful plastic? I think I will get some to keep the kids amused over the school holidays.

  2. They were $2 in a little pack in a local discount shop. I am sure they would have them in any similar shops or maybe Big W or KMart? I think I will have to go back and get some to put away for next year in case we have trouble finding them again.