Friday, April 10, 2009

Shooting with Kel.

Kel is the most Aussie bloke we know. Kel doesn't sugar coat things. He says it like it is. He likes meat and carbs on his dinner plate. Hold the veggies and don't dare offer him salad. His best compliment he ever payed me after a homecooked meal was "That's wasn't bad I guess" He speaks his mind. He rides a Harley and once lent me his Ute complete with bullets rolling around the dash. He hugs like grizzly bear and you know he would defend you to the ends of the earth. He shoots. Not just out in the bush, he represented Australia in the Commonwealth games and returned with a medal.

This week the Australian Nationals were being held in New South Wales. We had an opportunity to go along as spectators and watch him in action. We were given ear plugs before walking onto the range and watched Kel from behind a glass screen.

It was fascinating watching the concentration and the nonchalant pose of one hand tucked in his pocket.
Most people practise regularly all year. Kel just turns up on the day, shoots, wins and heads home until next years comp.
Like I said at the start, he's just an Aussie bloke. We love him to bits, we just don't dare tell him to his face!

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