Thursday, April 16, 2009

The full picture.

We had a brilliant day today. We went on an "adventure" with Maree. If you have read the previous post you will see what Gareth looked like at the end of the day. You've seen the picture now I'll try to tell the rest of the story, hopefully in less than 1000 words!

All we knew is that we were going bushwalking and needed to come prepared with water bottles, sunscreen, mozzie repellent and sturdy shoes.

We met up at 10am and drove in convoy behind Marees car until we got to a place called Valentine. Then we started a 2km walk through grass, gum trees, over small streams (creeks here in Australia!) until we found ourselves at a beautiful lookout point with a picnic table under shade next to a long jetty.

Some of the boys had brought their fishing rods. The next few hours was bliss as the kids fished, swung on a rope out over the water, swam and shared picnic food.

The bushwalk home nearly killed me! It was 5pm as we returned to the car hot, sweaty and covered in dust. Another day of the Easter School Holidays spent having a great time and without breaking the bank. Success!

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