Sunday, April 05, 2009

Time Zones....

In the last week timezones around the world have been gaining and loosing hours willy nilly.

I find it hard enough to keep track of the time difference between Australia and our friends and families in England, Ireland and Wales at the best of times. But in the last couple of years the hours have changed over a staggered couple of weekends. Why? I have no idea?

The main thing is that this morning we had an extra hour in bed! Yippee! And so for another 6 months we are now 9 hours ahead of you lot on the other side of the world. You can just add 9 hours onto your watch or take 3 hours off and swap night to day or day to night.....

Or if all this is too complicated for you why don't you just log on to our blog and check the little clocks over on the right of the screen. Simple!

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