Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rhiannons Birthday Sleepover.

Rhiannon asked could she have a sleepover for her birthday this year. It is always hard when she has lots of lovely friends she plays with in school to choose only a small handful to celebrate with. She named four friends which seemed pretty reasonable for Rhiannon. We decided to have the sleepover this weekend as her actual birthday was on Sunday.

She helped me to make a cake and iced it and then she got some of her treasured "Littlest Pet Shop" characters to stick on top. We had bought some special candles that glowed with different coloured flames. Simple and easy!

After mass on Saturday night we had tea with her friends, birthday cake, sparklers and then into pj's and sleeping bags upstairs where they told stories and whispered and giggled until midnight.

The giggles started again about 6am so not a lot of sleep but at least a good time was had by all.

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