Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walk with the Scanlons

We went for a walk today with our friends the Scanlons. As always it was a chilled out, fun afternoon.

Poor Sophie has been through her fair share of drama over the last two weeks with an accident severing some tendons in her wrist, micro surgery and now a splint for the next few weeks while it heals.

It is not supposed to get wet so our hearts were in our mouths as she picked shells out of the waters edge with the other kids.
It was hard to say stop to her when she was made to sit on the grass while the others climbed trees earlier.

We ended the day with a play in the playground before heading back to the car.

After a bit of whispering between the kids it was decided that we were going to do a bit of child swapping. I took Gareth, Sian and Gemma home to our house for the night leaving Sophie and Rhiannon with Monica.

It looks like I got the easy end of the deal with the older more sensible girls but I better not laugh too soon as something tells me I will probably end up with the two mad giggling younger girls later on in the holidays. Watch this space!

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