Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shelf obsession

We've been in our new house for two years now. Something small that has been bugging me was the wasted tall cupboard in my laundry room. It is a great tall cupboard but had only one shelf so all the potential things to be stored in it were piled up on the bottom spilling out on me every time I opened the door.

I rang and got a quote from a local company to put extra shelving in. They quoted 4 weeks and $200 to do the job! If you know me you will know that I am impatient and once I decided I wanted shelves I wasn't going to wait 4 weeks for them. As for paying $200... No chance!

Off I went to our local Bunnings DIY shop and bought a $20 piece of white melamine coated MDF. The nice man in the woodwork section fell under the spell of my fluttering eyelashes and agreed to cut it down to size for me on their industrial wall mounted saw. I walked away 10 minutes later with four perfect pieces of melamine just begging to be given a new home in my laundry.

Today out came the drill, hammer and spirit level and I am now totally in love with my newly organised cupboard. All for the bargain price of $5 a shelf.

I really need to get a life!

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  1. Can we have an extra shelf for my beer?

  2. Mr B, We bought you a whole BEER FRIDGE last time we went shopping. What more could a man want...?

  3. You are such a clever shopper Gina. I would have just paid the $200 and never even dreamt of doing it myself. How do you think of all these ideas? You must be saving Byron a fortune. When can you come around and sort out my house on a budget?!