Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Caterpillars

A couple of weeks ago I saw a dead moth on my bathroom floor. Later on I noticed a line of tiny eggs in a line on the bathroom wall which I guessed had been from the moth. I couldn't bring myself to squish them with a tissue and feeling curious I left them be. About a week later and I was brushing my teeth bleary eyed at 6am getting ready for work when I noticed a tiny caterpillar wriggling next to an empty egg case. By the afternoon when I got home from work and the kids were back from school they were all hatched. We had babies!

With a distinct lack of foliage in our bathroom we then started the delicate job of blowing these tiny caterpillars gently so they fell from the wall into our carefully positioned piece of tissue paper below. We carried them outside and sat them on some leaves. I have no idea if they will have survived but hopefully we gave them a marginal advantage over a life of minty fresh toothpaste remnants!

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  1. Gina... what a great thing for your kids to have seen! So very cool!! I will show my Sarah your blog She will love it!!

  2. Oh my! That is creepy...and also a bit cool. I like your new look here, by the way!!!

  3. Curiosity is an interesting characteristic to have. I choose to cultivate mine elsewhere than anything that grows in a bathroom.

  4. How wild was that....the moth laid the eggs along the wall?? I don't think I have ever seen anything like that. Seeing how bugs creep me out, I don't know if I could have left them there until they hatched...but good on you for giving them a chance for survival. :)

  5. That's pretty cool. :) Neat photos too and I like the scrapbook page look. :)