Sunday, October 11, 2009

Grumpy old men...

It's Sunday afternoon. A day for chilling out and relaxing. Yesterday and today my alarm went off at 6am to wake me for work at the Blue Hospital. I was running the Medical ward today which scared the pants off me but it went fine... apart from the grumpy old men. There seemed to be a disproportionate amount of them on the medical ward. I put on the calm soothing voice and smiled through my teeth as I made beds, helped with showers, changed dressings, dispensed tablets... At last 3.30pm arrived and I handed over the drug keys and waved goodbye to those grumpy old men and headed home... to my very own one!

Yes, Mr B did a marvellous job looking after the kids this morning while I was working. He fed them, stopped them from killing each other and managed to cut the grass. Oh yes, and twisted his ankle playing frisbee on the reserve. By the time I got home he was hobbling around on an ankle the size of a watermelon. Before I had a chance to change out of my work clothes I was strapping and bandaging and handing him pain tablets. Fortunately there is a big car race on the tv this afternoon so he is lying down resting his elevated foot, poor man. Something tells me I'm not quiet done with grumpy old men today...

Lets vote: Who do you feel most sorry for: Mr B or me?
Votes in the comments section below!

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  1. I definately feel more sorry for Mr B. knowing first hand how much more intense male maladies are. My husband has just survived a fatal head chill and accompanies me on walks even though he is in agonising pain from tv watchers hip - so Gina please nurse him back to health by tending to his every need. ;)

  2. Just like the Manflue.... but different symptoms... yes tend to his every need. Sounds much more painful then say childbirth LOL

  3. Ladies! STOP!

    You are giving him ideas. In the last few minutes since reading your comments he has sat back on the sofa, tv remote in one hand, glass of red wine in the other and started looking smug while moaning about the twinge in his hip....

    Where are the votes telling him get up off his **** to make a cup of tea for his poor tired overworked and underappreciated wife???!!!!!

  4. Sorry Gina,
    But this is perhaps one of the many penalties of being a working wife and mother, maybe if you had been home with them it may not have happened. Don't forget you married him in sickness and health, and we understand you're making him go to work tomorrow?
    However it does look as if you did a good job of bandaging his foot.

  5. Marion,
    you're his Mum!
    Of course you're going to take his side!

  6. It's always something, Gina, isn't it?!!? I love your response to your hubby's mum!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  7. Grumpy old men are the WORST! Pamper your hubby, long as he doesn't take advantage of your kindness. And I think you deserve some pampering yourself. ;-)

  8. Not too late to add my two cents I hope.....if Mr. B is anything like my ex was when he wasn't feeling well or injured ~ my vote is I feel sorry for Gina!! You would have thought it was the end of days for him.....hopefully you are not experiencing the same!! :)

  9. I vote for you! Does my vote still count or is it too late? My husband acts like the world is coming to an end when he has a cold.... So I totally and completely feel your pain!