Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gina Baynham does know s***

When I was 17 I worked in a large shop in their clothing department. I didn't like my manager much and she didn't like me. She set me a challenge to remember the 4 number code of each and every individual item of children's clothing stocked in the shop. A week later she tested me. I failed miserably.

She liked the racks of clothing 100% full at all times. I liked helping customers choosing. Sometimes I talked them into buying an extra matching item. Other times they just left empty handed but happy. I figured as long as they enjoyed stopping in then they would come back another day. I thought I could see the big picture. But then my manager would spot that a rack of green corduroy trousers was not 100% full and she would go mad. She thought she could see the bigger picture.

She arranged for me to be moved to the customer service desk where I excelled at helping people. My new manager liked me and I liked her. I will never forget overhearing the clothing manager describe me to another member of staff. "Gina doesn't know s***"  I disagree.

Now before I get too deep describing how we are all individuals and that I was just not suited to the first job let me say that I was not mentally scarred by those words. I was embarassed at the time but I rose above them. I found a job I loved when I started nursing. I surround myself with people who make me feel good about myself. My current Nursing Manager thinks more highly of me than my first manager did. She thinks I do know s***. In fact she wants me to stand proud in front of my collegues this coming Thursday and tell them loud and proud. Gina Baynham DOES know s*** !

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  1. Oh, my goodness! I had to look at the card twice to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. LOL You do know your "stuff," Gina! As for that rude manager, she should have been at least reprimanded for talking about an employee like that to another staff member. That is highly inappropriate in the workplace, especially coming from somebody in a supervisory position.

    I'm glad you found a job you love! I'm actually thinking of going back to school for medicine. Wish me luck! =)

  2. LOL! What a cute segway! I'm back from my trip and enjoying catching up on your blog. I'll be getting caught up on mine soon! Hope your presentation "comes out all right". I kill myself, hahaha!

  3. Ha! So funny... you really do know your S***!! Now I know where to come when I need a little help with... well you know!

  4. Too bad you can't send a copy of this card to your former manager....proof you do know s***. :) Too funny....and while reading your post, all I could think is I hope my daughter doesn't get such a manager!! So far she has been lucky.

  5. Oh Gina!!!!! You're the best!!!! And that's some of the funniest sh** I've read in a long time!!!! Thanks for the great chuckle!!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  6. Constipation causes confusion? That explains a lot.

    Now what was I saying?

    Oh, yeah. I thought I excelled in retail, too, but I hated the job.

    I love higher education.

  7. When I was a teenager having my first baby I had a dreadful nurse who delighted in telling me how awful I looked and how lazy I was about getting this baby delivered because she wanted to go home.

    You get these nasty people in all walks of life - I'm so glad you sent her remarks into orbit! :)

  8. Love it! If I had come into that shop, you are the person I'd want to serve me, not cranky pants. Lxx

  9. Hahaha very funny Gina, you must certainly know s***
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog.

  10. Haha!!!