Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sexy Specs ??!

I'm getting old. As you may have worked out from the previous post I need glasses. I'm 36 now so I guess it is all downhill from here (sigh!) Shall I wait for the giggles and ridicule from family and friends or shall I just start the ball rolling here and get it all over and done with?

So I look like a librarian. Unluckily I don't have long enough hair for a neat bun that I can undo to shake my long sexy tresses out when an attractive man comes to borrow a book on "How to make your woman feel like a princess"

I am however still practicing and perfecting the serious-but-sexy pout behind my "shhhhhhh" finger.

Maybe when the kids go to bed tonight I can get Mr B to help me sort the bookshelf out alphabetically....

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  1. I like 'em! :)

  2. Sounds like you are trying to relieve stress :) Happy sorting!

    With Love and Hope,

  3. Thanks, Gina. You are such an encouragement to me. And yes, we are going through a rough patch. My husband's job is taking its toll on our family, as he's gone an awful lot. I keep the kids up late to see him, but it's so hard, and everyone ends up so grouchy and on edge. (It doesn't help that the company cares little to none for the employees.) But all the while, I know we need to thank God that he has a job at all.

    Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I just told my husband tonight, "I have a friend in Australia." How neat. :)

  4. Gina! ;)
    How lucky is your husband - that you can read such big books. The thinking man's crumpet as they say in these parts. (lol)

  5. Wow! Your last entry made me laugh, but as usual you've turned it around! Bit worried about the tone of this blog though....!! LOL Cathy

  6. you've totally got the sexy libraian thing going don't need the hair. ha!! Love it!

  7. Amber thinks you look lovely but of cause she would be nice she wants to come and play with Rhiannon in the holidays lol I think They suit you. Karen

  8. First.....if you think you are old, then I must be downright ancient!! :) the kids say ~ you got it going on girl! The glasses look great on you...and I think you got the look down too! :)