Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mrs World 2009

Today was unexpectedly exciting! We arranged to meet some friends at a local beach to let the kids play and picnic together. When we arrived we saw a camera crew from NBN.

There was a flurry of activity and excitement at the far side of the public baths. We could see a swimsuit clad woman posing for photos wearing a tiara and holding a trophy while a little girl played nearby.

We had walked in on a photoshoot for Mrs Australia. Not to be mistaken for Miss Australia, this is an International beauty pageant for married women.

The girls squealed with excitement as they ran to get a closer look.

I was also squealing with excitement with camera clutched in my hand as I know a good blog entry when I see it!

The girls obliged with posing dramatically for me as Mrs Australia was photographed in the background, her little girl playing at her feet.

We headed back to our picnic and a suitably unexcited Gareth and carried on with our day. A short while later we saw Mrs Australia walking towards us. She was on her way to a bikini change. Monica, being the brave one among us, said  a cheerful "Hi" and the next thing we were all chatting like old friends. 

Carin Hillman-Varma, a 30 year old married mother will be Australias entry in this years International Mrs World taking place in Vietnam next month. I'll admit I had preconceived ideas about beauty pageant contestants being stick thin and lacking in personality but I must say Carin was beautifully proportioned in a very natural way and had an easy going nature. She chatted about juggling being a mum, studying law at University and representing Australia in Vietnam next month. She was a good role model for our pre-teen girls who are bombarded by media images of skinny waifs. She posed for photos with them before waving goodbye.

It was fun pretending to be paparazzi for a day!

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  1. Yeah, you're right Gina she looks just like the rest of us...legs up to our chin, perfectly toned & proportioned, all over even tan, immaculately coiffed hair ...and a clean and happy child!!Not to mention being a law student! She could be my sister!! Can't chat I have to go off for my Brazillian now, I want some specs like your new ones!!! LOL Cathy

  2. I think she is very pretty! How awesome! I have never met a beauty contestant in real life : ) I love that movie with Sandra Bullock about beauty pageants : ). LOVE the girls posing as contestants! So cute!

  3. Great role model for the girls! I love it!

    I'm still glad I didn't have to stand next to her. Wouldn't go near a bikini.

  4. Hi! I saw you post a comment on my friend Rebeckah's blog (Life with Kaishon) and wanted to say hi. What a fun day for you and the girls! They must have been in such awe meeting Mrs. Australia. She seems like a very down-to-earth gal. =)

    It's nice to meet you!

  5. Gina - at first I thought that was you!:) What a photo opportunity, talk about the right place at the right time! Well done you!

  6. What a perfect example of being in the right place at just the right time!! Isn't it funny how, as a member of blog land, the first thing we think of is whether or not something would make a great blog?!!? That happens to me all the time. : ) I just LOVE the picture of all the little girls posing on the beach. That's a classic!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  7. So fun!! :)

  8. Oh, how exciting! And you thought it would be just a run-of-the-mill day at the beach! I'm so glad you got to experience that (and meet her)!

  9. What a fun trip to the beach. She is a very beautiful woaman and it sounds like she is just a beautiful on the inside. The girls striking their poses are adorable too. :)

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  11. Hi Ladies and Girls!

    Thanks for the wonderful blog and all the thoughtful and encouraging comments. Stopping for a nice chat at your picnic spot was a fantastic and refreshing break from the full day photoshoot and news story. Sahara was sick of looking at the cameras by then and was relieved to have an opportunity to play with the girls for a bit too (She slept like a brick that night. lol). Im off fabric shopping this afternoon for my National Costume. Very exciting! Dont forget ladies, Mrs World Australia 2010 is accepting applications now! Check out www.mrsworldaustralia.com.au. Also take a look at our charity's site; www.ovariancancer.net.au. They are a great organisation working at grass-roots level with patients and families, forming a network for women with ovarian cancer. I am trying to get as much exposure for them as I can and raise awareness about the early warning signs of ovarian cancer.

    Thankyou again for the blog! Its so good to know I have a fan base out there already! And such a strong one! Say hi to the girls from Sahara and I too, and I wish you many happy picnics on the beach.


    Carin Hillman-Varma

  12. How fun was that!!!

  13. How very cool! I remember waitressing and getting to serve our very own Miss Canada...thought that was cool. I also got to meet and hang out with some of the "old", original NHL players (not sure if anyone who reads here is big into hockey - I know my husband was jealous!)