Monday, October 12, 2009

The perfect bottle.

Like many parents of young kids we don't go out as much anymore. Babysitters are expensive and unless we are invited to a specific event we generally don't use one. What we do enjoy doing though, after the kids have gone to bed, is making a nice dinner and sitting down with a bottle of red and some candles. Making time to do this once during the week means we actually have to sit and talk. Shock, horror, no tv to fill the silence!

Usually by the time the kids are in bed we are feeling tired and so a quick and easy favourite dinner is baby herb potatoes (5 mins in the microwave) salad (from a bag) with a few cherry tomatoes and some fetta cheese, drizzled with some dressing (out of a bottle) or if I'm feeling particularly domesticated maybe some homemade dressing (Olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a few cloves of garlic whizzed with the handheld blender) This can be done while the steaks sizzle for 2 mins each side in a small frying pan. Start to finish this meal takes about 15 minutes to prepare and about as much culinary skill as making toast!

Choosing wine in my opinion requires the most skill. Which vineyard? Which variety of grape? Which year? It is so important to balance the subtle characteristics in the bottle with the delicate variety of green salad in season this week. I have put a lot of effort into simplifying this process for those of you that may need a little direction in this area. I am gracious enough to share my secrets here:

I select my wine by....
                                 ....choosing the prettiest label.

And so when I walked in to my local wine shop this week I had no difficulty. My perfect wine was there in front of me.

Someone has obviously researched the way people like me choose wine and come up with the perfect solution.

Make the whole bottle look pretty!


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  1. You're making me hungry!

  2. We do that too!!! wait to the kids are in bed and eat dinner together once a week with candles. Keeps the love alive i reckon!
    We used to be members of Ivanhoe Wines in the Hunter Valley.. now there's a lovely drop of red.. and the bottles are pretty too lol.

  3. Gina, Thanks for the anniversary wishes! Sounds like a perfect night over at your house! I, too, choose wine by the label and more times than not, it is very good! Have you tried Vampire Vineyards wine? It's really quite good and fun for this time of year! Red cork and all... spooky but yummy. You can get it online if it's not at a store near you! Have a great week!

  4. :) Ah, this was a soothing post!
    I wish I liked wine as well as I like the IDEA of wine! I love to sip from a wine glass. (Mine is just usually filled with sparkling somethingorother!) :)

    Alone time is so important, no kidding. We have to make that time, or it just won't happen. So glad you are making that time for your marriage!

  5. Gina that was some scientific method of choosing a bottle, do you use the same principle for cartoons? :)

    Man that steak looks scrummy!

  6. Looks delicious! I didn't realize you were a nurse too. Isn't that funny. I take care of plenty grumpy old men myself but the worst patients men in their 40's the biggest babies ever!

  7. Um, just so you know it is almost bedtime for me and looking at that made me absolutely starving. Ha ha! Pb and J here I come!

    It does look absolutely delish!

  8. What a fun night! I love that you do this! Spectacular! I was at The Rudy Family page today and saw a comment you left there and came over to say hi! So nice to meet you!

  9. Sounds so nice! and goes along with my plan to make my marriage more of a priority. Thanks! I'll use this tip.