Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The perfect moment...

Now that the Summer is finally on its way and the days are warming up we are getting the chance to play out and about so much more.

There is nothing more fun than a day at the park. Kids all burning off their energy and mums sitting back on picnic rugs catching up and putting the world to rights.

It just feels so good when you have friends who are similar yet different. Friends who are all trying to bring their kids up the very best they can but who don't judge if you make different choices to them. Friends with enough in common to keep things comfortable, yet with enough differences to keep it interesting.

We are very lucky here in Australia to have made friends with a great and diverse group of families. We span from younger mums to second-time-around families, different nationalities and different incomes. And yet there is something that binds us all together. We all met through having a kid in Kindy back in 2005. I just hope that the kids continue these friendships over the coming years as they head to high school. I know I would trust these parents to watch out for my kids just as they know I would look out for theirs. For now we sit back and watch as they just laugh and play and bury themselves in the sandpit. If only I could stop time just where we are right now...

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  1. Both of my daughters still have friends they met in elementary school....some stronger than others. My father was in the Navy when I was young so we moved around a bit and I lost contact with my childhood friends. I always thought it would be so nice to have someone close that knew you so well.

  2. Well said.

    However, Mrs Baynham.....I was there at the park and know there are images of you too having fun on the equipment - where is the photo of you on the spinner going round and round, a big kid having fun with all the other kids?

    Perhaps there is even video footage...

  3. Aw, thats lovely. I am glad for you.