Friday, November 06, 2009

Don't grow up...

We are approaching Sian's last few weeks in Primary school. In January she will move on to High School. I do not feel old enough to have a high school daughter yet! Help!

Back in March there was an info night for parents and kids. We felt out of our depth wandering around this huge school that has almost three times the number of students that our small local primary school has. There was a second info night this week and we couldn't believe the change that 8 months had brought. The kids were taller, more confident and looked totally ready to take this next step up into the big bad world. For the first couple of hours we just seemed to queue...

Queue one: Hand in the mountain of forms we had filled in at home.
Queue two: Pay fees deposit and pay for School Tracksuit.
Queue three: Fitting for School Tracksuit.
Queue four: Collect School Tracksuit.
Queue five: Free sausage sandwich to keep morale up!
Queue six: Try on the rest of the School uniform, skirt, pullover, sports top, sports shorts...
Queue seven: Pay for all aforementioned uniform.

Finally there was the meeting explaining the transition over the coming weeks until the end of January when they will be dropped off for their first day (gulp!)

Try to imagine if you can Byron, Sian and myself leaving the grounds of the school at the end of the night. Byron and myself walking slowly to the car looking nervous, carrying overflowing bags of text books and uniform and with empty wallets. Sian walking tall and confidently to the car, a big grin on her face a twinkle in her eye!

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  1. Been there....done that!! And oh what a grin and twinkle they have!

  2. Oh, that must be hard. Wow, things sure are different in different countries, aren't they? We begin each school year in August and end it in May. I love learning more about how school is done in Australia!

  3. Big stuff for both of us next year. Your baby starts high school and my baby starts kindergarten. Maybe a few tears all round come January next year!!!

  4. Free sausages? I just queued. And queued. And queued.

  5. she aged months in that couple of hours. The school uniform is just the start, she's going to need kitting out in designer gear from now on! ;)))

  6. Aw you poor thing. She will be grand,my daughter M started in Sept and is loving every minute of it, she has grown up so much since then, which is equal measures, good and bad!!