Saturday, November 07, 2009


I love Halloween. But one week into November I have had my fix and I really can't care less if I never see another glow-in-the-dark skeleton again. Well at least until October 2010. Take plastic spiders for instance. A harmless prank. Designed to give a sudden fright until your eyes focus and you work out it is not real.

Most plastic spiders have neon stripes and unfeasibly big bodies. It probably takes my brain a nano second to go from panic-mode to chill-out-it's-plastic-mode. And so the other morning, I find myself at 6am making a cup of tea bleary eyed before heading out to work. I glance down at the shape on the floor and see yet another stupid plastic spider by my foot. Too tired and too early to be bothered picking it up and throwing it on the pile of Halloween "stuff" I carried on dunking my tea-bag.

Can you see where this is heading?


So by now you should have a mental image of this plastic spider scurrying over my foot and under the dishwasher never to be seen again.

Don't forget to add in the image of me screaming, and tipping the freshly made tea all down my front...

Are you smiling yet?!

Good, now get commenting and tell me handy tips for removing tea stains from white fluffy dressing gowns...

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  1. yeah i hear you sista lol.
    Lived here all my life and still dont like the 8 legged evil creatures. I put a photo of a huntsman on my blog recently. Lovely early morning wake up calls arent they! Oh and sorry no idea about the tea stains, maybe soaked in nappy san over night?

  2. :) I hate spiders too. I don't mind the little ones but anything bigger than a sixpence brings out the killer in me. I just heard on TV the other day that every house in the UK has over 20 of these leggy terrors - I think at times, I must have someone else's too. :(

    Oz must be a nightmare though, at least our ones aren't poisonous...must check that out! :)

  3. Hate spiders too. Actually, I don't like any kind of insects...I am not afraid of scary movies but I can't look at the close up on an insect...

  4. Oh, I saw that one spine is still tingling. Maybe it will reappear and you'll get a rematch ("this's personal!") or better yet...maybe it will get stuck under there and die!

  5. *Shudder* I had something like that happen to me except it wasn't first thing in the morning....and I wasn't brewing tea. If you are like me, it makes it worse when they get away!!

  6. Mmm, I don't mind spiders but I have heard they are very big in Australia. I hate mice and had a hissy fit the other night when I saw one in our sitting room. We did catch him but I swear I feel violated and totally freaked out in case we get more. The hoover has never been as busy!!