Monday, November 02, 2009

From Ireland with love.

Our kids love the random spontaneous letters that arrive from Granny and Grandad Joe in Ireland.

They always know when one has arrived as it has the distinctive Irish stamps and the big green customs label. It rarely makes it from the letter box to the front door without being torn open and this latest letter was no exception!

The kids had just got off the school bus all hot and tired on Friday afternoon. It was the end of a long week and they were ready to get stuck into a weekend of Halloween fun.

The timing couldn't have been better as they ripped open the envelope to find a packet of Halloween balloons and three packets of Irish Cadbury Chocolate buttons!

Sometimes it is the tiny little things that help to keep family together no matter what the distance and for our family in Ireland that tiny little thing is Chocolate buttons!

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  1. Yes, isn't that the truth!! Small things can mean so much from someone you love!! Enjoy!

  2. Oh, yes, I hope he graduates, too! Then we'll have to have a graduation cyber celebration together, huh?!

  3. I like care packages from people I love - especially when it is just a little something special for you!

  4. There is nothing better than goodies from loved ones when you live far away. When I was living in Denver, my mom would send me random packages sometimes filled with goodies she had made or a little something she thought I would like. Those packages were the best and made me smile for days!!