Sunday, November 01, 2009


I enjoy when the girls have friends come to our house for a sleepover. They are at an age now (nine and eleven) where they entertain themselves, watch a movie or play in their rooms. Anytime we have kids staying over there is an unspoken rule....

.....That we will make hot chocolate before bedtime!

Both Sian and Rhiannon had a friend stay over on the same night during the recent school holidays. Gareth was at his friends that night for his first ever sleepover so it was just girls in the house! Poor Byron!

There was only one thing for it. Get out the chocolate and mini marshmallows!

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  1. Yum....I love hot chocolate!! Looks delicious!

  2. mmmm...yummy!

    And I love that you now have a digital "Our Time" gadget over there on the right side of the page! That is nifty! I like seeing (read, not having to calculate in my head) what time it is for you!!

  3. Your presentation of the hot chocolate belongs on Martha Stewart's show!!! So, so wonderful!! I'll bet is was dee-lish, too. :)

    ~ Wendy

  4. I agree with Wendy... that looks so Martha worthy!! Hope the girls had fun... that's all they really want- girls just wanna have fun....

  5. I know mine was one of the sleep over girls and she just loves Gina's hot chocolate we also have them at home just not quite as flash I'll leave the extra touches to Gina. Karen