Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy 40th anniversary Sesame Street!

It's something that children all over the world grew up with... Sesame Street!

Even thinking about it now brings back warm fuzzy memories of childhood. Snuggled up on the sofa at home in Dublin, rain running down the window pane while colourful puppets laughed and sang their way through the alphabet.

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the first airing of Sesame Street on US television.

How to celebrate such a momentous occasion?


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  1. My kids use to love to watch Seaseme Street when they were little and loved Cookie Monster. Their favorite was the episode when Cookie took a bite out of the full moon cause he thought it looked like a cookie. They use to see the half moons after that and declare Cookie Monster was on the loose again. Great memories!

  2. Love it!! The Cleveland film festival had a film on Sesame Street... behind the scenes... setting up shop to start the show in India. It was fascinating watching the puppeteers research to make the puppets, stories and actions appropriate to India. So much work goes into each episode, its amazing! From the story lines to the set decorations... it is one show that really knows its stuff!! Happy Anniversary to a classic!! I LOVE COOOOKIEES!!!

  3. MMMMMMMM Coo-oookies!!!! Num num num num num! Me love cookies!

  4. *sings* "C is for Cookie...that's good enough for me!" I am almost as old as Sesame Street! I will be celebrating my 40th in 3 months. I'm SO grateful that Sesame Street came out just in the nick of time...because my mom (and mother in law, too) swears that that is how we all ended up so smart!

  5. I have memories of watching SS, too. Now my daughter loves it. Such a classic!

  6. I loved sesame street too. You can find old clips on You Tube and they are really politically incorrect but worth a good laugh!

  7. Nice posting.thank you friend


  8. Them cookies look delish, Gina!! R u sharing? 'cause you know what Barney says....sharing is caring!!

  9. I've just put the kettle on! Hurry up and come over for a natter and a laugh!

  10. I am so lucky to still have little ones that adore it! I still get to sing rubber ducky to them and I would like to visit the moon...yes I am a HUGE fan.

    Great post...your cookies look delicious!

    There is surfing off the Oregon and Washington coasts but it is always so cold even in the summer that you wear a wet suit...no thanks much prefer the blanket on the warm sand!

  11. Funny I remember watching Sesame Street as a kid too. It was so fun I learned so much!! And stupid spiders! I hate them I have a bug guy just for that reason.
    I can't speak for the entire US but I think the h1n1 vaccine is perfectly safe. It is the same as the other flu shot just a different strain. Just my take as a nurse .
    Oh and I may just have to make some cookies myself!!

  12. You're so inventive Gina. Cookie Monster was also my favourite but I'm so dim I'd have never thought of baking 'cookies' to celebrate! :)

  13. Coincidently, I made cookies today with big chocolate chips.

    The universe is telling me something.

    Increase my weight by ten lbs.