Friday, November 27, 2009

Terracotta mountain....

Who in their right mind would give a birthday child a dinosaur excavation kit? A kit made of of a brick of terracotta earth. A kit that needs to be hammered and chipped until the brick of terracotta dirt has become a mountain of terracotta dust and sludge all over the white kitchen floor? Not Anne!

And what mother on watching her child receive such a gift would sit back and pour the present-giver a big glass of icy cold white wine and drink and chat and laugh for an hour while the child chipped and blew dino-dust and messed the floor for an hour until a dinosaur was found? Not me!

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  1. That looks awesome! I am so getting Rory one when he is older!

  2. HMmmm looks like a good present for my nephew....ya know, at HIS house!

  3. That is an awesome gift!!! Can't wait for Cayden to be older... he loves dinosaurs!

  4. What a clever gift.....they have so many interesting things for kids now.

  5. Hey, thanks for stopping over at my blog!

    You are a very daring mama. I don't know if I would be so willing to allow this activity. However, did you have the kids help clean it up???

  6. I wish!
    How come the tidy up always happens AFTER the kids go to bed?!

  7. That is SO COOL!! Besides the mess...what a great idea for a childrens toy. When I was young, my dream was to unearth a dinosaur.

  8. Hi love this and love the photos! Would I be able to use them with regards to what to do with kids during the holidays? Thanks!

  9. I'm sure that would be fine. Would you mind leaving a comment here linking to your blog/web page you intend using them on so we can see it? Or you can send me an email direct using my address that is in my profile info. Thanks!