Tuesday, November 17, 2009

...after the ant bite!

After our eventful breakfast picnic by the vines of the Peppers vineyard we packed up the car and went exploring to see what else was on offer. We discovered a treasure trove of little shops in converted stone buildings surrounded by fountains and flower gardens. It was amazing to think we have driven past this vineyard many times without realising what was hidden down the long driveway far from the view of the road.

There was an beautiful open sided chapel with the breeze rushing through offering a cool retreat from the intense heat of the morning sun.

Further back there was a fabulous French homeware shop "Les Indiennes de Provence" I was thinking of my friend Corey Amoro as we smelt,
touched and admired walls of fabric, perfume, candles, knives, cushions. We were bombarded by colour and smells of all things French. Byron was slightly less excited by the smells of French perfume so he wandered next door to the antique book shop to inhale the smell of old books and dust!

Gareth sat by the fountain and chilled out with the fish and then we finished our morning in the cool interior of Cafe Enzo.

The kids ordered ice-cream flavoured fizzy drink that looked like it would glow in the dark! It tasted sweet and just like melted vanilla ice-cream and
they loved it.

Mr B and myself were happy to stick with our coffees!

One final glimpse of the vines through the church pew before we said goodbye to Peppers...

...until another weekend!

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  1. Looks lovely.....The photo through the church pew and Gareth by the fountain were great!

  2. Such great photos! Makes me want to go there! :)

  3. see I told you, you liked to take photos of churches now tell Mr B that's why I sent you the one from our holidays. Karen

  4. You're an extremely talented lady Gina. You have a wonderful 'eye' for your surroundings, a writer's flair with words and an amazing sense of humour.

    (This was a bribe free ad):)

  5. What caught my eye was all that lovely fabric...ohhh how I love fabric!

    That last photo is great, what a fun idea to take it through the church pew! Thanks for taking us along on your little outing...I need to travel more. Kim

  6. Oh, what gorgeous pictures! I love the last one!