Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Away with the Fairies.

When I was little growing up in Ireland there was an expression "Away with the fairies" It was used to describe someone who was gazing into space and had zoned out of what was happening around them. I was accused of being away with the fairies on many many occasions, particularly in school.

It shouldn't surprise me then that Rhiannon often lives in her own little world of make-believe and magic. It is not a case of do fairies exist but rather, I wonder where they are living in our garden?

Last weekends walk was magic for Rhiannon in particular. The quiet hush of the walk through the trees and the unexplainable sounds that came from the thick scrub of vegetation on the gum forest floor had her brain in overdrive.
When we got to a large circular clearing her eyes grew huge and she wandered around looking for signs of fairy life...

She found a stack of firewood that looked just like a fairy house...

and if any one last piece of proof was required that fairies lived here she found it...


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