Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Irish Dancing. The blog post that nearly got away...

I received an interesting request recently:

Gina Baynham

I read your blog regularly and delight in the stories. However, I feel there is a part of your life that you have not shared.

The girls did Irish dancing at school last week. Sophie has sore ankles from showing us how she flips her legs up and down as she jigs around.

Surely your girls and Gareth could demonstrate for all the folk back home so they see that the Aussie education is multi-cultural and linked to the homeland.


It is not often that I miss the opportunity to blog about anything that happens in our family so I have to admit I feel like I have let the side down a bit, especially with a potential blog about being Irish, how unpatriotic of me. So here goes Monica!

Not only did you email me your feelings but you got me in the school car park too. I have photographic evidence.

I don't quite know who took the photo but it was on my camera when I downloaded some images at the weekend! Primary school paparazzi I am thinking!

Well, I was not at school to witness the actual dancing that was being taught during class time but I did spy 4 girls dancing on rocks in the carpark like a bunch of wild mountain goats on a spring day!

If I am right in my thinking two of these girls are mine and two are yours Monica! Their legs appeared to be made of stretchy rubber and they kept their backs straight and hands by their sides, very impressive!

The people in the homeland will be proud!!!

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  1. That is awesome! Next time, include video, too.

    Thanks for the orange brownie recipe! Chocolate is the main staple in my diet. That and diet cola. It all evens out.

    I will go figure out how many tablespoons/cups are in a gram and make myself a happy woman - and maybe my children, too (if I decide to share).

  2. I do actually have a small video clip I took on my camera. The camera is new and saves the video file in a different format than I/my computer is used to. If I can work out how I might be able to upload it!

    P.S. I am sure somebody somewhere has done some research to prove that chocolate and diet coke are really good for you!

    If they dont make you live longer or healthier they at least make you happy while you are living!