Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bondi and the Barbarians.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. When we woke up the sky was blue and the gum trees were swaying in the breeze. After lunch we got in the car to start our trip to Sydney for the Wallabies V's Barbarians Rugby match that night. We wanted to leave early "Just to be sure" to get there in plenty of time. For any of you who know Byron this won't be a surprise, he is after all the man who got us to the airport 10 hours before check in when we were emigrating here! But that's another story...!

We got to Sydney well on time and went straight to Bondi beach. We have never been to Bondi before.

All we knew of it was that it is surfers Mecca and Wow! Did it live up to it's name!

We had a coffee overlooking the beach and watched the sun slip lower in the sky bathing everything in a golden light.

We walked down onto the sand and caught the last few minutes of sun before it slipped below the horizon.

It was magic.

I think at this stage we could have gone home and felt the drive was worth it.
We got back in the car and drove back to the stadium through the half light of early evening to find that cars were pouring into the car park. It was still 2 hours till kick off but we could see cars lined up as far as the eye could see so it was a lucky thing that we had actually got there well ahead of time. Thank you Mr B!

Our friends Jane and David had sat stationary on the F3 for 1 1/2 hours while the Westpack helicopter was called to airlift someone from a car crash a few hundred meters ahead of them so we knew they would be arriving late.
John and Maree met us at the supporters store with Tom and Harry where we bought the kids yellow Wallabies beanie hats to keep warm.

We got to our seats and bought the kids hot chips to tuck into as the teams warmed up on the pitch below.

David, Jane and Isaac arrived just in time for kick off.

The match was great fun. There were lots of characters in the crowd around us.

At half time we served up our communal food we had cooked earlier. Lamb soup in mugs, Pilau rice and curry in bowls being passed from person to person in our row of twelve seats. The smell of Maree's curry must have wafted up into the stands above us because we could hear "Mum, Mum" being shouted from above. There was a line of grinning men reaching out asking for their bowl of curry! One cheekily yelled down "Do you have any poppadoms with that?" "No" I yelled back "Just naan breads!" We threw some of the naan's back to them which got a bit of a laugh from the other spectators.

The match ended 55:7 to the Wallabies. The kids managed to get some autographs and photos with the players down beside the pitch afterwards,
The photos are on Mr B's phone so I will have to update this blog later this weekend with them.

*UPDATE* Photos now added!
Poor Sian didn't get to join in this part because she took a tumble down a set of steps and managed to remove a good strip of skin down the front of her shin. Ouch! We hobbled walked back to the cars in the dark with grins on our faces. We pulled up onto our driveway at midnight with sleepy kids. It was a wonderful night and one that we will have to do again.

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