Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Wangi Lolly Shop.

On our way home from our Wangi walk yesterday Byron took a detour. He just wasn't ready to say goodbye to our long weekend and he had a glint in his eye! None of us knew what he was up to until he stopped outside a tiny little shop we had never been to before. The Wangi Lolly Shop!

It was a quaint and old fashioned shop with old mis-matched wooden display cases with glass bottles and jars full of traditional sweets. The kids took ages wandering around making up their minds and eventually made a decision.

The owner carried the jars to his counter at the front of the shop and weighed out their sweets into little bags. The kids looked on in excitement as he stuck the bags shut with little stickers and handed them over one at a time.

A little bit of old fashioned magic in an otherwise commercial mass produced world.

We will definitely be returning!

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  1. Wangi wangi lolly shop is great, my aunty owns the shop. I like to pop my head in from time to time.