Thursday, June 04, 2009

Imagine a bargain!

I went grocery shopping the other day. I wanted to make a monster lasagna and had my list of things to buy.

I like my bargains so imagine my delight when I saw that minced beef was on special.

Imagine my disappointment when I saw that the shelf was empty.

Imagine my relief when the young butcher assistant offered to go make me up a tray while I waited.

Imagine my incredulous face when I looked closer at exactly how special the special offer was.

The minced beef was reduced from

$7.99 per Kg to...

wait for it,

$7.97 per Kg....?!

Wow! 2cents a kilo off!


Imagine me now furtively looking around to check no one was looking then reaching into my pocket for my mobile phone to sneak a quick photo of the tag so I could have a giggle sharing it with you.

Imagine how red my face went when I realised that the young butcher boy was standing behind me, tray of mince in his outstretched hands and a look of "what are you doing" on his face.

Imagine me running as fast as I could away from the meat counter, red faced, mince in my trolley and blurry photo captured on my phone!!!

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