Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sunset at Secret Bay

I love Lake Macquarie. Everytime I look at the water I feel at peace. Opposite our house is called "Secret Bay" and is so beautiful any time of day or night but especially at sunset...

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  1. Hiya,
    I saw your comments on the Cjane community and wanted to check out your site as you mention Australia and what do you know, we are neighbours... i live in Arcadia Vale... small world isnt it....
    Belinda :-)

  2. That is such a funny coincidence Belinda! We were just talking last night about the range of people from different countries that have visited our blog over the last few months (twenty countries in total)and here you are only around the corner! Do you have your own blog? I hope you love living in Arcadia Vale as much as we love our stretch of the lake. It is a really beautiful and peaceful place to bring up kids!

  3. Hi again,
    Yes its a lovely part of the world isnt it.. and the lake is so gorgeous all year round. Have sailed many a time on the lake, my hubby sails with Wangi Sailing Club most weekends (in summer anyway). I do have a blog but its pathetically updated!!!
    I have two small kids and they seem to enjoy living here too....

  4. I love to see your blog if you are happy to share the link.

    You could post it here or email it to me at

    It would be facinating to see another Australian blog as most of the ones I read regularly are based in the US. I struggle to explain to my friends here what the appeal of blogging is!

  5. I would love to have a view like that. You are so lucky!
    I saw your comments on Cjane too. I am English and living in North Carolina, USA. I married my American husband over twenty years ago and we have 3 girls.

  6. Hi,
    just sent you a friend request in facebook... that is sooo much more updated then my blog with lots more photos etc....
    Thanks, Belinda