Sunday, June 07, 2009

Slushi Sushi

I love Sushi. I tried to make it once at home and it was so bad, it fell apart as soon as we tried to pick it up. The kids laughed and called it Slushi!

I have persevered and am getting better at rolling it tight so it doesn't disintegrate half way to our mouths. It is a bit of a fiddle so I generally only make it on a chilled out weekend day when Byron is out mowing the lawn and the kids are happy trashing the house playing nicely together!

Today these ingredients went from this...

 this in about 30 minutes.

What you don't need to see is the state of my kitchen mess that I haven't bothered cleaning away yet!

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  1. Very VERY impressive!

  2. Extremely professional looking sushi. I'm also impressed that all your kids will eat raw salmon.


  3. It's actually smoked salmon Charles. Even I am too much of a wuss to eat raw fish!