Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Days!

Today is a
GREAT day!

It is sunny!

The first day without rain for the last two weeks.

The first day I have been able to hang my washing out on the washing line!

You want more reasons why today is great?...

The carpet man came early this morning and re-laid the spare bedroom carpet which only got a tiny bit wet in our flood 4 months ago
but I'm not going to be negative and go on and on about how bloody long it has taken to get to this stage because today is a HAPPY blog! Hopefully the brand new carpets will be relaid in the rest of the downstairs next week and on Thursday we take delivery of the new furniture we got as replacements for the flood damaged stuff. I feel like I am getting my house back! Yippeeee!!!

It is also Friday which means that I am not working at the hospital and in a few hours Byron and the kids will be home and it will be the start of a Public Holiday weekend! In the next few hours I need to race around and do loads of housework, tidying bedrooms, grocery shop, did I mention hanging washing out on the outside clothesline? In the SUN?!

It really doesn't take much to make me happy does it!

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