Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rhiannon is all heart!

Rhiannon prefers homework that involves something creative. Give her times tables and spellings and it is as though you are killing her slowly using medieval torture. Give her poetry, drama or colouring in and she is happy as Larry.

This week she brought home a project sheet. "Choose a system in the body, research it and create a poster project to bring in and present to your classmates" I wondered how she would get on.

(Not) Surprisingly the first thing she begged me to do was bring her to the local Newsagents to buy the big piece of coloured card to present the finished project on. I sent her into the shop with $2 in her hand and told her to find the card section (it's a tiny local shop), choose her card and pay for it. She looked very proud of herself when she emerged 5 minutes later with a huge sheet of bright pink card!

For her project she chose "The Circulatory System" We spent some time googling "heart, diagram, how-it-works, kids" and found some great sites to learn from. She insisted that she had to type up all the info which was painfully slow. She also had to draw the main organ of the system of her choice by hand. She spent ages colouring it in and colouring another diagram of the blood vessels in the body.

She asked me if there was anything I could get through work to brighten up the project. She wanted "the strip of paper with the squiggly lines on it" that she has seen on medical programs on TV when they do an ECG. None of my patients today wanted to have a heart attack (fortunately!) but luckily one of the nice Pathology ladies gave me an old heart tracing for her to stick on. I also brought home a syringe (no needle) and we stuffed it with red crepe paper to look like blood!

It's now Thursday night and I have just tucked her up in bed. Tomorrow morning she will bring in her finished project a couple of days early! Homework has never been so easy!

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  1. Very surprised she didn't choose the digestive system...with sound effects. Rhiannon &* Myles & woopie cushion = a whole day of hysterical fun!